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Successful field test of potassium humate(CXHA-KHA-G) to rice in Vietnam

Quick speed to grow strong root system.
Prominent effect when complied with NPK, when compared with others.

Stronger leaves and stem, with enhanced capability to resist disease and pest.

Local field test to vegetables

For cucumber
Potassium humate(CXHA-KHA-G) used as base fertilizer mixed with Urea

Potassium Fulvate(CXHA-KFA) used as foliar spray in flower and fruit period

For cabbage
Potassium humate(CXHA-KHA-G) used as foliar spray, when mixed with Urea to make a dilution after filter

Test to potted plantsA

Obvious difference of hight

20days after Potassium humate (CXHA-KHA)fertigation and Fulvic acid(CXHA-FA) forlia spray 

Distinguished dark coulor and robust leaves

Test to potted plantsB

Fulvic acid working as biostimulitant for plant to grow bud and root after fertiligation35days.

Ovious difference