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What's the function of sodium humate on animal feed?

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    Sodium humate is made by leonardite and NaOH,generally its used for animal feed, industrial field and agricultural field.Of course,there is different grades of sodium humate,for example 50% grade and 70% grade,both of them can be produced into flakes and powder form,and its very popular in global market.

For sodium humate,it's widely used for animal feed,so here let's introduce the function on animal feed as below:

1.Build up health,improve immunity and meat quality,reduce mortality about 60%.

2.Promote growth,increase the weight around 10%.

3.Increase utilization rate of poultry feed.

4.Control ammonia&nitrogen,reduce odour caused by excrement and urine,improve the environment for aminal.

5.If used for chicken feed additive,it can help to increase laying rate 8-15%.

6.Complex with the trace elements in feed,promote the absorption and utilization of trace elements,reduce the influence of heavy metals on feed.