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what's the fulvic acid function for plants?

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Mineral fulvic acid is in black colour,generally it's divided into powder,flakes and microparticle etc.The raw material of mineral fulvic acid is from brown coal,because brown cola contains high fulvic acid content,and it has much better effect for different kind of plants.

As we know that fulvic acid has small molecule,so fulvic acid can be absorbed easily by plants,so now fulvic acid is becoming more and more popular on global market.

Mineral fulvic acid has many functions for different plants:

Firstly,fulvic acid can help to make the fruit colour more beautiful,looks bighter than others;

Secondly,fulvic acid increase yield greatly,and the dosage of fulvic acid is small.So it's cost effective for farmers;

Thirdly,improve the crops ability of anti-cold,anti-drought,anti-high temperature,anti-disease and pests.etc.

Fourthly,fulvic acid can be mixed with other fertilizers and pesticides,to make more compound water soluble fertilizers,and reduce the dosage of pesticides.

Fifthly,fulvic acid will improve the root system for plants,so that improve the plant growth.


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